Just focus on your main work, leave the rest to TSP Management professionals.TSP Management manages on your behalf all the services that corporate companies need. TSP is an expert in the introduction of innovations, and elimination of bottlenecks and inefficient situations. TSP provides and manages all the services that corporations and contracters need for their properties with an integrated approach. It provides a performance-based management model through solid SLA’s and KPI’s for all its services and offers you optimal budget solutions. TSP Management, which has been awarded with all of the international quality certification in quality management, business continuity and sustainability, is in full recognition of your dedication to your your work and organization and offers you customized solutions. Reaching beyond the traditional supply chain management concept , it provides value-added services which eventually will make a difference to your business. It offers a variety of services that can meet all of your expectations with the help of its central team of experts in the fields of property management, asset management, energy management, business continuity management, sustainability management, performance management, subcontractor management as well as occupational health and safety management.